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Clinical Nutrition

“History tells us that past populations suffered less physical degeneration than we do, and a smaller percentage of them died of cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Reversal of degenerative conditions is possible in most cases.”

Udo Erasmus, Fats that Heal, Fats that Kill.


What is Health?

Health is not just the absence of symptoms. We have been brought up to believe that if we are symptom free we are healthy. This is not correct.

How many people have you heard of that were “completely healthy” and suddenly died of a heart attack? The first symptom of heart attack in many cases is death. Obviously this supposedly healthy person was not healthy. A similar picture can be seen with cancer. Cancer takes many years to develop. It doesn’t happen over night. There have been estimates that it may take up to thirty years to develop cancer. Obviously the person with cancer has not been healthy, and yet they were most likely symptom free for this period.

Symptoms, or the absence of symptoms, cannot be used as a guide to whether you are healthy or sick. Testing procedures that are aimed at assessing the function of the various organs and cells within your body are the only way to determine health.

How do Chiropractors use Clinical Nutrition?

At Roughan Chiropractic we want a full history of your health journey. Then we provide a thorough chiropractic assessment, in identifying the key offending spinal subluxations. Then the specific muscle release technique and primary adjustment is delivered by this dedicated chiropractor. From that point we are acutely focused on nutritionally supporting that life-promoting chiropractic spinal adjustment.That is precisely where key nutrients play a vital role in the holistic approach of spinal and neurological health.

What is Clinical Nutrition?

“The use of diet and nutritional supplements is a vital way to enhance health and prevent disease.”

Every day we put 1-2kg of organic matter into our mouths. What happens then is what clinical nutritionists are interested in.Clinical nutrition is the study of the relationship between food and a healthy you – how nutrients are digested, absorbed, transported, stored and eliminated by the body. What we eat impacts hugely on our risk of developing major chronic diseases – heart disease, obesity, cancer and diabetes.

What are Nutritional Supplements?

Nutritional supplements are those key elements identified as missing, or lacking from a particular patient’s health profile. For example vitamins, minerals, amino acids (like L-Glutamine), trace elements (like selenium) and other cellular nutrients used to support good health and treat illness.

Many ongoing studies regarding clinical nutrition such as:

– Omega 3 fatty acids found in cold water fish (such as herring, tuna, and salmon) help reduce inflammation in key sites in the body and thereby helps prevent chronic diseases, such as heart disease, cancer and arthritis.

– Vitamin D from the sunshine as being a major player in bone health and mood stability.

NaturalMed Dispensary

Roughan Chiropractic believes in total wellness for your body. Our modern diet often misses some essential elements that we need to stay healthy.

Our large NaturalMed dispensary stocks only top nutritional supplements from reputable companies. Each product in our dispensary is personally selected by from his 30 years of clinical practice and experience as a professional applied Kinesiologist, and trained clinical nutritionist. Our range of key homeopathics, herbal tinctures, quality vitamins, user friendly minerals and amino acids sit alongside our quality whey protein powders and immune supportive lozenges. Our stock is kept updated to ensure we can offer you the best available.

Unfortunately many products available over-the-counter, or from your local supermarket, are often synthetic chemicals and cheaper ingredients that are not scrutinised to a high standard. Our bodies can struggle to integrate these products which can put more stress on our health. Consult a nutritional practitioner before choosing a supplement. You could be doing your body more harm than good.

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