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6 Ways to Boost Your Veggie Intake

box of fresh veggiesWe all likely grew up being told to eat more vegetables. For good reason, as eating a rainbow of veges each day can promote better health. If you’re not consuming as many as you should, here are some easy ways to incorporate more into your diet.

Drink Your Greens

Without a doubt, a smoothie is the easiest way to increase your vegetable consumption. Consider making a smoothie with kale or spinach as the base. Then add a serving of fruit such as banana, berries, or mango chunks. Add some unsweetened nut milk, some chia or flaxseeds, and you have a fantastic, nutrient-dense way to start your day.

Make Salad Your Meal Staple

A plateful of assorted greens and seasonal vegetables is an easy way to get multiple servings of veges each day.

Get Sneaky

If your child doesn’t particularly like vegetables, add some zucchini or grated carrots to a favourite casserole or muffin recipe.

Snack on Veggies

Baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, and celery sticks are low in calories but high in fibre. Dip them into delicious hummus for a satisfying snack.

Pump up Your Pasta Dishes

Add an array of veges to your pasta dishes. Your meal will be more nutritious and filling thanks to the fibre. Better yet, instead of pasta, turn your Courgette or sweet potatoes into spiralised “noodles.” Add a bit of olive oil or your favourite tomato sauce, and you have a simple yet healthy dinner.

Ease up on the Bread

Consider eating your favourite burger or sandwich ingredients in a lettuce wrap. Adding slices of peppers, onions, mushrooms, and tomatoes can help you get even more servings in.

Another way to eat more nutritiously is participating in our 90 Day Innate Lifestyle Plan.

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