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Applied Kinesiology in Christchurch

All too often, mainstream healthcare attempts to treat only our symptoms, and you’re simply another name on an appointment list. You’re just one patient out of a generalised population of patients with the same symptoms.

It’s time to break this cycle and seek health care that is specific to your particular needs! Professional Applied Kinesiology (AK) recognises your unique needs and enables our qualified chiropractors to identify your health problems and find a solution that is targeted to your needs.

How AK Improves Patient Outcomes

AK supports the body’s innate ability to heal itself, and as practitioners, we realise our bodies sometimes need help to function optimally and be in the best position to achieve this healing.

Our chiropractors use AK as a tool to evaluate a specific care programme determined by your physical wellbeing, mental and emotional wellbeing, nutritional and chemical wellbeing and your spiritual wellbeing.

More About the Practice

Dr George Goodheart, Jr. developed Applied Kinesiology, a new system of evaluation in chiropractic, in the 1960s. Through his remarkable observation skills and analytical mind, Dr Goodheart found that normal and abnormal body functions could be evaluated using muscle tests.

Dr Goodheart is part of the International College of Applied Kinesiology, an interdisciplinary organisation of doctors dedicated to providing an eclectic approach to healthcare. You can visit their website at

Our Triangle of Health Model

To better understand Professional Applied Kinesiology, we use a triangle of health to represent your total wellbeing.

The idea is represented by an equilateral triangle with structural (physical), chemical (nutritional) and mental (emotional) health as its sides. Encompassing the entire triangle is our spiritual health and wellbeing. When one or more of these sides are imbalanced, it impacts all sides of the triangle and the person experiences dis-ease.

Our overall health and wellbeing, how easily we flow with life and with others, is determined by how well we balance the three sides of the triangle of health.

Understanding the Benefits of Muscle Testing

Professional Applied Kinesiology draws on complementary therapies, including chiropractic, nutrition, meridian, cranial, rehabilitation, neurology, functional health care and others. As a clinical application of the study of movement and function, it also uses functional muscle testing to measure the physiological response of a muscle to a specific force.

With AK, muscle tests reveal imbalances in the body’s structural, chemical or emotional factors and identify how well a person’s body functions. It also allows the body to specify its preferences for treatment and to prioritise certain issues or problems.

To restore optimal muscle function, doctors may apply manual stimulation directly to the muscle receptors (mechanoreceptors) and other forms of care that may include precise chiropractic adjustments, clinical nutrition, dietary changes and other manual therapy procedures.

What to Expect During Your First Visit

Your initial appointment is used to assess your health status and set new goals. Please bring any medications and supplements you are taking and any relevant medical reports or blood test results. This will help your AK chiropractor accurately determine your current health levels and relevant health background.

As another helpful tip before your appointment, it’s beneficial for our AK chiropractors to know your specific blood type (O, A, B or AB). If you don’t know your blood type, please let us know beforehand, and we can conduct a simple test before your appointment.

Please arrive 10 to 15 minutes early for your first appointment. This allows you time to complete our New Patient paperwork and for you to relax in our reception area. You will then be called through for your one-on-one consultation, including a discussion of your completed case history questionnaire and your health concerns, current injuries, and relevant medical history.

Reclaim Your Health Today

You know you are unique and deserve health care specific to your needs. AK helps patients live their lives to the fullest, restoring a body’s ability to function and thrive while identifying health concerns and aiding the body in its healing potential.

We cannot wait to help you; contact Roughan Chiropractic today to schedule a consultation!


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