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Our welcoming reception area

Our welcoming reception area

At Roughan Chiropractic we provide a service of advanced natural health care that touches the lives of you and your loved ones to live much happier and healthier lives. We’re here to help you get well, and keep you well.

While chiropractors work with the spine, their primary interest is in the integrity of the nervous system it protects. That’s because the brain, spinal cord and all the nerves of the body control and regulate every cell, tissue, organ and system of the body.

The most important parts of the nervous system, the brain and spinal cord, are protected by bone. The 24 moving bones of the spine can lose their normal motion or position; this may affect the spinal cord or the pairs of nerve roots that emerge from between each spinal vertebra.

The resulting nerve interference can affect the spine and the organs and tissues those nerves control.

This effect is commonly referred to as vertebral subluxation. Vertebral meaning, “of the spine”. And subluxation meaning, “less than a dislocation”. Sometimes it’s shortened to just “subluxation”. Other times, it is given the more comprehensive name of vertebral subluxation complex. Or it may simply be called, “nerve interference”.
Vertebral subluxation is a way the body attempts to deal with stress.

Types of Stress


The effect of physical stress on the spine is probably the easiest to appreciate. Physical stresses might include slips and falls, car accidents, repetitive motions or improper lifting. Not to mention a sagging mattress, sitting on a wallet or simply the effects of gravity.


These days, emotional stress is so common, we think it’s normal. However, emotional stress can take its toll on the spine and the muscles that support it. Common culprits include grief, anger or fear. Take time to notice the posture of someone who is sad or depressed, and you can see the impact on the spine.


The third type of stress is chemical stress. Alcohol, drugs, pollution and poor nutrition are common examples of chemical stress. These days our environment is awash with various manmade chemicals that can wreak havoc on our nervous systems.

Think of stress as a heavy weight on the body. When that burden gets too great, muscles contract and spinal bones misalign. Nervous system interference can result. In the short term, vertebral subluxation is an effective strategy the body uses to manage stress. But when vertebral subluxation doesn’t self-resolve after the stressor has come and gone, it can create a host of health issues.

Since chiropractic care involves a series of visits, with each one building on the ones before, it’s important that our relationship can go the distance. We’ve found that one of the best ways to have successful patient relationships is to explain everything in advance. We like to keep our patients and practice members informed.

There are many ways to use chiropractic care. Patients choose the type of care they want based on their beliefs, their values, their resources and their desires.

Types of Care


Many people begin here. Their ache, pain or other symptom is often what prompts them to begin chiropractic care. If they stop care as soon as they feel better, before muscles and soft tissues have fully healed, they invite a relapse of their original problem.


With the most obvious symptoms reduced, some patients opt to continue their care and make more lasting changes. This helps strengthen the spine and helps reduce the likelihood of a relapse.


Regular chiropractic care can help maintain a patient’s progress. Their visit schedule will vary based on the stresses in their life. The intention is to help preserve their progress.


Beyond preservation is the realm of prevention. Periodic chiropractic checkups can help catch new problems early. Early detection can reduce the severity of flare-ups.


We experience life through our nervous system. That’s why the spine and nervous system are the key to becoming all that we can be. Chiropractic care and other healthy habits create new possibilities.

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New Patients at Roughan Chiropractic

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