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Technology at Roughan Chiropractic

Our practice is at the forefront of technology for our patients who may be suffering from pelvic floor weakness. Weakness in those muscles can cause symptoms like bowel and urinary incontinence and pain and discomfort in the lower back, pelvis, genitals or rectum.

Though it’s an unfortunate part of life for many of our patients for a variety of reasons, like traumatic vaginal births or prostate problems, it doesn’t have to be. At Roughan Chiropractic, our patients have access to the PelviePower Training System™, as well as our Biofeedback machine, which are services that work in complement to your established chiropractic care plans.

PelviePower Training System

We frequently see patients needing help improving their core stability, and our practice has invested in a simple and efficient way to help them do so. Our PelviePower Training System is the latest in pelvic care technology and is an innovative way to train the deep muscles in your body’s core.

A great option for men who have had prostate problems or are recovering from related surgery, and for women after childbirth, you’re able to wear everyday, comfortable clothing during your session. You’ll be seated in the specialised chair, receiving up to 25,000 contractions through your pelvic floor, giving you a noticeable effect.

In six to eight sessions, you will experience tangible results. It’s $120 per session, which lasts about 20 to 25 minutes. As a result of improving your pelvic floor muscles, you may improve your posture, reduce pain or discomfort in the lower back, and improve bowel and urinary incontinence.

Biofeedback Machine

With our practice’s Biofeedback machine, you will be seated in the chair and asked to perform particular manoeuvres so the machine can gauge how weak your pelvic floor muscles are and the extent of the loss of integrity in your pelvic floor region. Using special sensors, the machine also has a computer displaying information about how well your muscles are working.

From that feedback, we help guide patients through exercises they can do to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles and work on any imbalances that may exist. Over time, those exercises will improve the pelvic floor muscle strength and help patients understand how to properly use them as they move through their daily living activities, from using the bathroom to walking and all movements in between.

We recommend six monthly sessions for most patients. It’s $60 for a biofeedback session, which lasts about 25 minutes.

Take Your Care to the Next Level

Both technology sessions are recommended in complement to an established chiropractic routine. Best suited for patients who’ve already experienced some chiropractic work, they give your body another boost towards healing itself after removing any interferences in your nervous system.

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