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Are You Practicing Mindfulness?

It’s a rare time when you don’t have to think about multiple things at once. In today’s busy world, multitasking has become the norm. It’s no different in your head. You’re considering what you need to do in the morning, what your children have to do to get ready, what your workday will consist of, what to make for dinner and how to get everyone to bed on time. It’s tough to juggle, and you’re not present in the current moment.

Mindfulness is your ability to be present, aware and not get overwhelmed. It may sound like a tall order but giving it a go is like practicing anything else: it will get easier the more you do it. It’s the key to being able to de-stress, relax and cope with the tasks your day requires of you.

Cultivating a New Skill

The best way to cultivate mindfulness is through meditation, short pauses inserted in your daily routines and meditation combined with activities such as sport. When you practice being mindful, you cut down on your stress, gain awareness, enhance your performance and increase your ability to pay attention to the wellbeing of others.

How to Begin

Too often, people think of meditation as a vague concept that involves your mind. In reality, it means paying attention to your body. There are a few simple tips you can follow to prepare for meditation:

  1. Take a seat. Preferably somewhere comfortable and stable.
  2. Consider your legs. They should be in a relaxed position. If you’re in a chair, make sure your feet touch the ground.
  3. Think about your arms. They should be parallel to the upper body with your hands on the tops of your legs.
  4. Sit up straight. Your upper body should have the proper posture without being too rigid.
  5. Drop your chin. Your gaze should be able to fall downwards gently. Feel free to close your eyes if it feels right.

Once you’re in position, let yourself sit for several moments, paying attention to inhaling, then exhaling. Your focus will likely wander. That’s okay but just return to thinking about your breathing. You can always start again.

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