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Become an Expert at Looking on the Bright Side

We’ve all been there — a blunder at a social event, saying something you didn’t mean or a mistake made in your work. Have you ever felt haunted by something you did wrong? Your thoughts tend to spiral out of control, thinking about every disappointment in your life. Before long, everything seems dark, negative and depressing.

If you’re having a tough time feeling optimistic, you’ll love the news: you can complete exercises to feel more positive. In turn, you won’t fall into those unhealthy thought patterns and feel more engaged in your life!

How to Begin

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You’ll need just 10 minutes out of every day to practice flexing your positivity muscles. Here is our step-by-step guide:

  1. Write down your top five. What are five things in your life that make you feel enriched as if life is worthwhile and enjoyable? It doesn’t have to be earth-shattering. Having your morning coffee, taking your dog for a walk or lingering in a hot shower can all be worthy.
  2. Describe a recent negative experience. When was the last time you were upset or frustrated? Take a few sentences to write it down.
  3. Think of three things that could influence how you see that situation. Perhaps you were late for a work meeting because you missed a bus. Fortunately, the next bus was just a five-minute wait. You can also think that you’re grateful for the exercise you got while trying to catch it. Though these things seem small, they can transform how you view the situation.
  4. Follow the 10-year rule. Will you remember what happened a decade down the road? The answer is most likely a “no.” Maybe that means it’s okay to let it go, today.

Achieve Balance in Life

Do you need help restoring the balance to your life? We want to help. Contact Roughan Chiropractic today!

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