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Celebrating Autumn

IMG_7969Can hardly believe it’s already the last month of Autumn – this season is well and truly flying by! As the jandals go into retirement take comfort in the extra layers of warmth with gloves and scarves and enjoy a refreshing walk outdoors admiring the beauty of the coloured leaves all around. Just as the leaves change and fall to the ground, Mother Nature provides us with a wonderful reminder to LET GO and shake off old habits.

A beautiful season for self reflection, introspection and planning new goals for the upcoming months ahead. Cherish warm nourishing food with homemade stocks and broths, soups, stews, curries and mugs of hot tea.

Just as the seasons change, our bodies go through a process of change and renewal, consider your current lifestyle and health goals. When were you last adjusted? What are your daily healthy habits? Are you moving for 30mins everyday? Eating warm nourishing wholesome food?

It’s a beautiful time of year to get your daily 30 minute walk in the morning and admiring the beauty of nature as the world preps for winter. Just as you would take time to stop and smell the roses, take some time to stop and watch the leaves fall.

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