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Deepen Your Connections With Others

Given the widespread use of technology, from smartphones to tablets, sometimes it feels like we’re missing out on face-to-face connections. Whether you’re in line at a coffee shop or taking public transport to work, you’ll likely see others with their heads down and eyes locked onto their devices.

While technology has its place, of course, and isn’t going anywhere, we want to encourage you to foster deeper connections with others.

Forging strong bonds with others isn’t just good for us socially, but mentally and emotionally as well. Here are some suggestions:


It’s been said that your smile is the best accessory you can have. Smiling is easy, free and can make you much more approachable to others. Simply smiling to others can make someone’s day brighter.

Make Eye Contact

By looking someone in the eye when you’re talking you’re communicating that you’re engaged. This action shows you care about the other person and what they have to say.

Schedule Quality Time

While we all can get busy and have a lot to juggle between our professional and personal lives, scheduling quality time is vital. Consider having tea with an elderly neighbour, taking your child to the park, or going out to dinner with your spouse.

Really Listen

Ever have someone nod their head in agreement when you’re talking to them but don’t really feel that they’re listening? Or do you find yourself playing in your mind what you’re going to say to the other person instead of listening to them first? While we may hear what the other person is saying we also want to listen intently.

Practice Acts of Kindness

Far more important than material possessions, the gift of service is priceless. Taking a meal to someone who had surgery, paying for someone’s groceries or performing yard work for an older neighbour are some examples of showing kindness to others.

Value Authenticity

While many people put on their best face on social media, being transparent with others is essential. When you are willing to share about yourself, something great takes place. You could be helping someone else going through a similar situation or trial. Even if it’s a bit uncomfortable, being authentic is massively rewarding.

One thing you can count on at Roughan Chiropractic is we value you as an important member of our practice family. We love getting to know our patients and will always take the time to listen to your needs and concerns.

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