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How to Savour the Good in Life

Today’s world is rushed and hectic. There are many adverse side effects of our stressful society. One that you might not have considered is the lost opportunity to reflect on positive experiences or emotions. These are the building blocks of enjoying long-term happiness.

According to research, you can be happier by savouring the good. The best part is, you can do it while you take part in another health-friendly activity — going for a daily walk.


How to Get Started

You can start to notice the good in life while you walk. While you’re out, you’ll consciously savour thoughts of the positive things in life rather than letting the negative take over or not acknowledging the good. Below, you can read more about how to go about this exercise in your everyday life.

  1. Find a 20-minute window during your day. You might find it easiest to set a time that you know works well for you.
  2. Get the right gear. A rain jacket, decent umbrella and all-weather footwear will make sure you can walk in inclement weather.
  3. Start to savour. As you’re walking, think about smells, sounds, sights and other sensations that you find pleasant. A bird’s song, a building you love, the smell of freshly mowed grass or a young child splashing in puddles are all great examples. Acknowledge each, pausing for a moment to register what they mean and take it in.
  4. Refresh your route. Don’t walk the same way every day, as you will find it increasingly difficult to notice new things. Switch it up with a few different routes so you won’t take any of their sights for granted.

Consider Your Health

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