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Six Easy Ways to Celebrate Matariki

On 10 June, the star cluster Maratiki will make an appearance in the sky, marking the Māori New Year. This time of year is called Pipiri, which means “to draw close.”

Matariki is when you gather with your community to reflect, eat, enjoy and think about your coming year. Not sure how to celebrate? We have some simple ideas to help you.

  1. Hold a mid-winter feast. In Matariki tradition, food was shared from the storehouse that had been harvested in the past. Since it’s not the season for planting, instead you can relax and enjoy your repast.
  2. Get out your candles. Since Matariki is a time to reflect, light a candle. You can remember a loved one who has passed or say goodbye to negative memories and thoughts that have been plaguing you.
  3. Write down your goals. What would you like the coming year to hold for you? Find a journal to record your desires, dreams and hopes. You can look at it each year, going back and seeing how you did.
  4. Head outside. If you look up at the stars, you may see Matariki. It’s the perfect opportunity to get to know your neighbourhood and its trees, streams and birds.
  5. Have fun with your loved ones. Consider playing games or taking turn telling stories. There’s no better time to play indoor card games and board games.
  6. Start a new tradition. Invite your community to a gathering that uses the above ideas. Make a fire, reflect, tell stories and play games, enjoying the company of your friends, family and neighbours.

Start Your New Year Off Right

The team at Roughan Chiropractic wishes you all the best at Matariki. If you’d like to get a checkup, now is the time. Contact us today!

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