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Support the Chiropractic Research Fund

Chiropractic Research Fund

By supporting the Chiropractic Research Fund, you’ll help with important research into spinal health and chiropractic care

July is a special month dedicated to raising funds for the greater good. Roughan Chiropractic is raising funds for The Hamblin Chiropractic Research Fund to help make a difference to the lives of others in your community. We’re excited to support some of the world’s leading chiropractic researchers and would love for you to join us!

How can you help?

During the month of July when you come in for your chiropractic visit our front desk team will welcome you to donate $1 in addition to your service fee. You’re most welcome to donate more if you feel so inclined! If everyone donated at least $1 each we know that collectively we could make a difference.

Your kind donation will help assist chiropractic, wellness and spinal research in New Zealand.

Help us to make a difference to the lives of New Zealanders! Thousands of New Zealanders benefit from receiving chiropractic care every week, but The Hamblin Chiropractic Research Fund want to do an even better job of optimizing the health and wellness of chiropractic patients in our communities.

To achieve this goal we support some of the world’s leading chiropractic researchers who are uncovering the secrets of chiropractic care and working out how to enhance the care that we provide to our patients. If you or your family have benefited from chiropractic care please consider helping us to help others in your community by supporting chiropractic research.

Who is The Hamblin Trust?

The Hamblin Trust was set up by the New Zealand Chiropractors’ Association (NZCA) over 30 years ago to fund and disseminate chiropractic research and support researcher development. They are now the leading industry based funder of chiropractic research in New Zealand and the research they fund is making a difference to our understanding of how chiropractic works and how it can be best help to advance healthcare.

Research supported by The Hamblin Trust has won numerous international research awards and has unlocked many of the secrets of how chiropractic care works. Hamblin supported studies have identified which areas of the brain are impacted by chiropractic adjustments and how chiropractic adjustments enhance the way the brain processes sensory information and improves quality of life.

Our overall aim is to explore the effects of chiropractic care on brain function, human performance, and health, wellness and quality of life.

NZ Centre for Chiropractic Research

Our continued research will contribute to our understanding of how spinal function affects processing of input from the limbs which may affect manual task performance. It has the potential to make contributions to the health and well-being of a vast number of people as well as workplace productivity and injury prevention by applying the resultant basic science knowledge to improved strategies for injury prevention and enhancement of health and well-being.

NZ Centre for Chiropractic Research


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