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The 7 Morning Rituals That Will Transform Your Life

chiropractic tableIt’s all too easy to let your usual routines take over and become ingrained in your life. In today’s stressful and hectic world, you may not take time to relax. Though you’re busy, there are some simple ways that you can inject calm and tranquility into your life. We recommend implementing these routines into your morning, starting off on the right foot before the demands of the day kick in.

Feel some gratitude. Consider what is going well in your life rather than focusing on what isn’t. It’s too easy to emphasise the bad and forget about feeling grateful for the good. Take a few moments during a quiet part of your morning — perhaps in the shower — to reflect on what you feel gratitude for.

Make a task list. A measure of practicality can keep the stress at bay. Align your goals with what you need to achieve for the day. Think in simple terms, too — break down your tasks into achievable steps.

Affirm your goals. What are your long-term objectives? Write them down somewhere you can see them, like on a sticky note that’s attached to a mirror you look in often. Some examples might be, “I am becoming more successful in my career every day” or “I will make the move to my new city by the end of the year.” You may also like to draw a picture or graph that represents your goal.

Perform some simple movements. Stretch, or look into qi gong or yoga. Make moving part of your every day. If you’re not sure where to begin, look for videos online that will instruct you in how to safely perform your chosen exercise. It doesn’t need to be for more than a few moments but will increase your blood flow and help you feel prepared to tackle your day.

Add lemon to your water. Your hot water that is. Consider making the switch from coffee to hot water with lemon, or at least adding it to your morning drinks. You’ll get Vitamin C, flush out toxins, maintain your body’s ideal pH, reduce pain and nourish your brain all at the same time.

Give yourself a few extra minutes. You don’t need to set your alarm for too much earlier. Just 10-15 minutes can be enough to do your stretches, think in peace or set up your task list for the day. Studies have even shown that earlier risers are more optimistic and better problem solvers.

Turn on some uplifting tunes. Want to change your morning mood? The right music will do it. The radio or talk shows aren’t necessarily what you need to hear and can bring you down. Put on the music that makes you feel like dancing and singing!

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