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Touch for Health

Health Care Method for Non-professionals

Touch for Health originated in 1970 when Dr. John Thie decided to make practical and effective methods of balancing the body’s energy available to the non-professional public.

Dr. George Goodheart, DC had already developed a system of healing called Applied Kinesiology (AK), specifically for professional health care practitioners. Dr Thie took some of the more basic techniques of AK, with the aim of empowering people to promote and maintain health in themselves and their families. He named this simple yet powerful preventative system of health care Touch for Health (TFH).

Most people are aware that the body exists as both a physical and non-physical entity; we have an energic “blue print” that directs the workings of the body. Touch for Health perceives the body as holistic and multidimensional, and allows people to harmonise these dimensions.

The concept of the “Triangle of Health” sums up this philosophy. This paradigm presents humans as existing, in addition to Spirit, in structural, chemical and mental/emotional dimensions. A person exists in a state of optimal life-force and health when the triangle is equilateral and the sides are in balance.

This perfect balance, however, is never quite achieved, as the wonderfully adaptive body compensates and compromises in order to survive daily challenges. When one side is unbalanced, the other two sides are influenced pathologically. This causes a distorted triangle, giving rise to various signs and symptoms of dis-ease.

Often these people have no medically diagnosed disease, yet they suffer at the “subclinical” level. Whether or not a person has a medically diagnosed condition is irrelevant, as kinesiology works toward balancing the non-physical energy – the blueprint – and not in treating the categorized symptoms of medically diagnosed disease.

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