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Shake-It Professional Weight Management

“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live” -Jim Rohn

What is Shake-It?

The Shake-It Professional Weight Management Program, offered by qualified Healthcare Practitioners, is designed to enable you to lose weight and keep it off with:

  • Professional advice and tailored to your individual requirements, helping you overcome the obstacles of weight loss.
  • A simple to follow and convenient program with lots of healthy food.
  • Great tasting supplements to make it easy, shakes, soups and bars in a variety of flavours.

How does Shake-It work?

Your body has three main sources of energy. It can burn fat, glucose (carbohydrate), or protein. When we burn fat, we produce substances called ketones. These are produced normally, and when we measure these ketones in our urine, we know we are burning fat efficiently.

High levels of dietary carbohydrates, also known as high glycaemic load foods (e.g. sugars and starchy foods such as bread, rice, pasta and potatoes), work with the hormone insulin to ‘switch off’ fat burning and increase fat gain.

It becomes virtually impossible to lose fat if you have raised insulin levels.

When your body’s blood sugar and insulin levels are low enough you will switch to a higher level of fat burning. This is the secret to Shake It. To burn fat you need to restrict high glycaemic load foods to a level where your body will produce less of the hormone insulin thereby increase the rate of fat burning. Eating less food is not the answer; you need to specifically reduce the high glycaemic index, carbohydrate-rich foods in order to ‘switch on’ fat burning.

“Obesity’s health consequences range from increased risk of premature death to serious chronic conditions that reduce the overall quality of life.” – The World Health Organization

How do I Shake-It?

At Roughan Chiropractic you will meet with one of our qualified Wellness consultants to discuss your goals and what you would like to achieve from the Shake-It programme. If Shake-It sounds right for you we then invite you to sign up for a 6 week or 12 week programme. You will meet with our Wellness consultant weekly or fortnightly to discuss your diet and exercise diary, recipe options and any challenges you may be facing. Measurements will be taken at each consultation and you will also receive a Bio-Impedance Analysis report that measures your fat mass, active tissue mass, hydration levels and your biological age. Great motivation to keep you on track!

Our fully trained Wellness consultant will guide and coach you through each week and along the way you will have tasty Shake-It products and learn lots of new, easy, yummy meals!

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