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Well Adjusted Babies

Well Adjusted Babies, written by paediatric Australian Chiropractor, Dr Jennifer Barham-Floreani, is often referred by us as “The Baby Bible”. Everything you need to know about pregnancy, birthing and beyond is in this book – a natural, holistic approach with evidence-based research.

A holistic guide to parenting, for conception, pregnancy, birthing and beyond

A holistic guide to parenting, for conception, pregnancy, birthing and beyond

Health is unique for each person. We are all different with different experiences, different belief structures and different lifestyles and environments. Therefore it makes sense that every pregnancy and every birth experience is uniquely different. No-one can prepare you for exactly what a pregnancy may be like and exactly how a baby will be birthed into this world, and not surprisingly, this can cause a lot of fear. We are all uniquely different BUT what makes us the same is that we are all human beings and our bodies are amazing.

Women are designed to give birth.

The human body is incredible. We see it every day with chiropractic care, enabling the body to do what it does best. The female body is designed to give birth, it changes and adapts to the growing baby, moves, contracts, heals and recovers. So many processes in the female body are in place to allow the body to birth a baby, nourish the new life and recover. Hormones are incredible!

Well Adjusted Babies explains this in detail and provides parents with the information and knowledge you need in bringing a new life into this world. As every birth is different, and things don’t always go as planned, this book explains the entire spectrum so if intervention is required you can make an informed consent. Knowledge is empowering and takes a step towards stepping away from fear. Fear of the unknown can be terrifying. Being well informed and trusting your own instinct and intuition can bring a feeling of peace and empowerment to an otherwise stressful and emotional situation.

This wonderful parenting resource explains Chiropractic, Fertility Challenges, Pregnancy, Healthy Habits, Pregnancy Nutrition, Pre-conception Care, Routine Procedures During Pregnancy, Preparation for Birth, A Partner’s Role, Realities of Intervention during Birth, Birth Trauma, Caesarean Section, Birthing, Post-Birth, Vaccinations, Breastfeeding, Formulas, Colic, Baby’s Development, Chiropractic Care for Children, Antibiotics, Food, Nutrition, Holistic Parenting and more. It truly is a valuable resource for every parent!

“Dr Jennifer’s Well Adjusted Babies provides concerned parents and caring health professionals with well-researched, essential and wholesome knowledge on important health issues, and helps them make healthy choices. It is an important book for all families.” – Dr John F. Demartini

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela

Well Adjusted Babies is available from our NaturalMed Dispensary. For more information about Chiropractic Care for Children please talk to our wonderful team.

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