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Winter Immune Support and Defence

Winter usually signals the beginning of the cold and flu season. The best protection against colds and flu is to strengthen our immune system.

Introducing our Immune System

Admire the beauty of the winter season

Admire the beauty of the winter season

Inside your body there is an amazing system of immune cells and tissues. These cells and tissues have the purpose of defending you against invasion by bacteria, viruses, toxins and parasites. Collectively, this is called your immune system and it is like having your own private army.


The most obvious signs of immune activity are those of the inflammatory response. These include heat, redness, swelling and pain. Inflammation allows your body to focus its energies on killing the infecting organism or repairing the injured tissues. In the short-term, inflammation speeds up the repair process and makes bacteria easier to kill. If the immune system is not able to resolve the problem then inflammation can become chronic (long-term). Long-term inflammation leads to tissue damage, long-term pain, fatigue and disability.

Treating the cause

All inflammation begins in the gut. Our gut and intestinal health is responsible for 70% of our immune system!

Both Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic medicine assert that you are more likely to catch a cold or flu if your digestive and respiratory systems are already compromised. These areas are largely responsible for elimination. When our digestion is not working effectively we find ourselves with running noses, mucus build up and a nasty cough. When we strengthen the digestive tract then we have a better chance of making it through winter without colds and flu. 

Eat Real Food

Eat plenty of fresh, seasonal produce such as organic fruit and vegetables, good fats from fish, nuts and eating REAL food, quite simply – what walked on the ground, came from the ground, or is from the sea. A great source of fresh, seasonal, local produce is best found by visiting your local Farmer’s Market and Christchurch has some great ones!

Drink plenty of fresh lemon juice with hot water

Drink plenty of fresh lemon juice with hot water

Seasonal Diet

Eating seasonally is the best way to get fresh food for the right time of year. The body already feels sluggish during the colder months and it is best to avoid giving the digestive system extra work. Avoid icy drinks and cold, raw foods, instead opt for plenty of nourishing hot soups and hearty casseroles and stews. Poach or bake winter fruit such as pears, apples, rhubarb. Drink immune boosting warm drinks with plenty of lemon, honey and ginger.

Food is nourishment

Remember food is nourishment for your body. Eating is an experience to be enjoyed. Take the time to be seated and relaxed for each meal and enjoy food in the company of others in order to receive quality digestion of nutrients.


Your body is incredible and designed to heal itself. By taking care of your health each day it’s easier for your body to fight-off sickness and feel great during winter! Give us a call. Let’s talk about ways you can celebrate winter!



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